Letter: Appeal to kindergarten parents

Tuesday, May 9 2017

Dear kindergarten parents,

Your child is ready to start kindergarten in the fall and you’re probably wondering how the last five years passed so quickly! Many parents new to the school system don’t realize how crucial early registration is. Not because you are vying for a much sought-after spot, like some French immersion schools on the mainland, but because staffing projections for 2017/18 begin in March. What that means, is if the numbers are down, our little local school risks losing a teacher (not a pleasant situation for anyone). 

Low kindergarten numbers also mean classes will be split resulting in a K/1 class rather than a straight kindergarten class. The pattern then continues upwards through the grades as class sizes must be averaged. It’s all a numbers game, but if you’ve been intending to register your child born in 2014 and haven’t yet done so, please, please, make it a priority this week. It will benefit us all.

As well, Welcome to Kindergarten is fast approaching on May 11 from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m., and you want to make sure your child gets to enjoy this exciting introduction to the elementary school.

Thanks for registering.

~ Allison Rose