Letter: BC Schools

Tuesday, November 1 2016

Over forty years ago, at a “leadership” conference in Saskatoon, a school official from the BC government told the group of us around the table that his government was out to kill the public school system. There was, on his face, the expression of a malicious zealot. I have never forgotten that. Apparently his spirit lives on in Christy Clark, and the members of her party who would prefer that BC go back to providing a minimum of education to the hoi polloi, while sending their own sons and daughters to elite private schools. The only problem with that plan is BC is no longer populated by fishermen and loggers who needed only the ability to sign their names while making a decent living. 

 England was successful at creating a democracy because all of its villagers had been educated to think and solve problems by the bored Jesuit priests who had been sent from Rome to keep them true to the Faith. Without education, we have the Trump phenomenon. 

~ Muriel Wiens