Letter: Beware the “casual” Gabe agreement

Tuesday, September 12 2017

It’s easy in a small community like ours to take the “laid back” approach when it comes to business. After all, for many years we’ve seen each other at potlucks, various events, maybe even shared a dinner, share mutual friendships.

Well, I’m here to say...get it in writing.

Two days before moving to Gabriola to rent a home here, my friend and I were told, without explanation or apology, “We’ve decided it’s just not going to work, we’ve changed our minds about renting to you.”

You cannot imagine the chain of events that followed that or the trauma this created at the end of a very long process.

Rental papers were to be signed on arrival as the summer had been very busy for both parties and, “Hey, we know you, it’s okay, we’ll do it then.”

“Then” never came and my friend has been homeless. He will soon have a temporary place but, as I said, get it in writing. Business is business.

~ Robin Kelley