Letter: Bite the bullet or drink the coffee

Monday, December 9 2013

Like most of us, I use the ferries at either extreme of the day only rarely, but it is great security knowing that if I must leave very early to go somewhere or am coming back late from somewhere distant to know that they are there awaiting me. Being well aware that ferry rates are going to go up anyway, AND recognizing that the whole situation is unfair in comparison to the billion-dollar highway to Whistler that we all paid for, here is my simple suggestion. Bite the bullet. We need an extra $1,100 per day. By my calculation that would be covered by paying an extra $2 per round trip of cars, which, would be the fair source of collecting extra money, rather than the wailing customers.

Seems to me that this would be a fair approach if my calculations are correct. This way the vehicles carry the added costs not passengers and walk-ons. Added cost are not popular, but a toonie is a fairly easy one to handle. About 50 per cent of a coffee.

~ Bob Henderson