Letter: Bridge is a selfish legacy to leave behind

Tuesday, December 23 2014

So… six hundred of our friends and neighbours want a bridge. That means that thousands of our friends and neighbours did NOT sign the petition. I have talked with many of those who signed the petition and they say they are tired of waiting for the ferry. I noted the age group and have come to the conclusion that by the time this feasibility study is completed, the next millions are spent on further studies, the expropriation of property goes through the court system and the government finds someone willing to build two toll bridges for us to cross and those toll bridges are built, most of those who signed are not likely to be around to drive across the bridges. If the government decides to go ahead then we can thank those who signed the petition for leaving a legacy for the next generation where that generation will never have the joy of our lifestyle.  

Congratulations. What a selfish thing to do.

Let’s work at fixing the ferry schedule and problems instead.

~ Peri Smith