Letter: CATS Alive able to help with feral/stray cats

Tuesday, November 28 2017

Dear Editor,

For the past number of weeks, Cats Alive has been relying on the goodwill of Gabriolans in the Tait/Elder Cedar/Seymour areas to report sightings of kittens. To date, we have managed to secure three kittens with another two found dead. We believe that there is at least one more black and white fluffy kitten out there, either from the same litter or a different one. 

With the help of Rowan Heathbrook on Dorby, Cats Alive has also spayed/neutered a feral mother cat and two of her four feral kittens. We are still trying to trap the other two. We have reason to believe that there may be other stray cats and kittens in the Peterson area as well as at least one in the 707 Park. 

Many know that Cats Alive was founded twenty years ago to contend with the rampant feral/stray cats on Gabriola. We were able to stop these cats from multiplying with spaying and neutering, and do not want a replication of that situation. If you see unfamiliar cats and especially kittens in the areas listed, please notify Cats Alive at 250-816-2287 or Petfind at 250-247-8654 so that we can determine if the cats are strays or feral. If so, we will trap, neuter and find them good homes. We also offer financial assistance with spaying and neutering of cats for owners on limited incomes.

~ Debra Shogan for Cats Alive