Letter: Change the Village speed limit to 30kph

Tuesday, January 31 2017

If it’s good enough for Toronto, it’s good enough for Gabriola. Toronto is changing the speed limit on its streets to 30 km/h in order to reduce the inevitable injuries that occur in a road system that mixes so many different types of transportation. Some of which, jogging and cycling for example, leave people extremely vulnerable to injury and death with motor vehicles traveling at speeds of 50 km/h and more. However, we know that 30 km/h results in far less serious injuries and deaths. 

Like Toronto, I think that everyone living on or visiting Gabriola would be well served if we reduced the Village Core’s speed limit between the school and the post office to 30 km/h as well. This roadway is the busiest on the island with ferry car loads every hour or so, complete with pedestrians walking back and forth across various sections of the Village roadway acting out our roles in a real life game of Frogger. Quite frankly, 50 km/h is just too fast to dodge for the tired old legs of some of us. In fact, 30 km/h from Tin Can Alley to the post office would be even better so that drivers can start braking before the hill leading into the school zone.   

Something to think about.

~ William Clegg