Letter: Christmas is a time to make a wish and to hope

Tuesday, December 20 2016

Dear Editor,

My wish this Christmas is that Potlatch decides to abandon the current rezoning application and re-applies to use the density transfer policies of the OCP to permit the transfer of density from two of its smaller forestry holdings instead. Like it was the case for the Borsuk application, the densities would go to lands that actually have subdivision potential by zoning. That would eliminate all the current proposed “receiver of densities” lots as recipients, which would make the residents of the neighbourhoods who were worried about water sustainability very happy, which would be great.

The lot behind the clinic would become a 60 acre park with a view (!) which would be super great. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has no jurisdiction in a park so it would be up to us to decide whether the connector to Spruce would be a road or an emergency lane (gated or not) which should make the RCMP and the fire hall people happy, which would be great. Potlatch would keep its 16 acre lot on the west side of the clinic, which is okay because we knew that it was the cost of accepting the donation of four acres for our clinic. The 60+ acres west of Coats Marsh would become a park and the remainder would not be the southeast corner and that would be good. The applicants would get the increased density for the park amenity which is allowed in our OCP without having to breach any OCP policies at all which would be good news indeed.

Merry Christmas!

~ Jacinthe Eastick