Letter: Concerned with the possibility of the ferry being replaced by bridges

Tuesday, December 9 2014

Dear Editor, 

We have been concerned about the possibility of the ferry being replaced by bridges. 

Since we do not drive, one of the reasons we chose our property was because it is within reasonable walking or cycling distance to the ferry - great for getting to Nanaimo for necessary appointments or an impromptu family visit. 

Now comes the idea of replacing the ferry with a bridge, no doubt via Mudge and Cedar, which would be a 25 km trip from the Village to downtown Nanaimo, more from out where we live. This idea is most unsettling. 

We can envision losing our independence to many logistical challenges related to bus schedules. We can also envision the possibility of bridge tolls, higher property taxes and more traffic here. 

We prefer Gabriola just as it is, an island, for ourselves and for future generations to experience and enjoy. In Joni Mitchell’s words, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…” 

If we were to lose the ferry to bridges, Gabriola as we know it would be gone forever.

~ June and Mary Nowosad 

Gabriola Island