Letter: Cuts to taxes means cuts to services

Wednesday, October 16 2019

As I was cycling home from the Village the other day, I was thinking about sending in a letter about our roads, but then, as it was a long ride, I thought about the root of the problem. 

For the last twenty years or so, most things that fall into that area known as the public sector have been neglected by different levels of government in this country. Our public education system has suffered, our health care system has suffered, and sure, our roads on Gabriola have also been neglected. 

For too long, it has been fashionable for politicians in this country to say that they are going to cut taxes because we, the people, know how to spend that money better than the party in power. First of all, if politicians don’t feel competent enough to make the correct choices with the tax money they receive, then they shouldn’t be running for office. 

Secondly, our public education, our health care, our police, our military, our roads and especially our care of the marginalized in our society, all that needs to happen at a level that we can be proud of. Believe me, I would gladly pay more taxes so that we would see improvements in these areas. 

Well, that’s what I’m going to be thinking when I step into the voting booth.

~ Glen Murphy