Letter: Dear Sounder readers

Monday, July 22 2013

I want, first of all, to thanks those who have offered me verbal support in my dispute with the Islands Trust. Their law group recently sent me a letter demanding that I comply with their dictums within 60 days or else! I immediately lost the letter. 

It amazes me that one complaint can mobilize an entire bureaucracy against an individual who is given no recourse but to comply. The disease of Harperism seems to have spread everywhere. 

This encouragement of cowardice, secrecy and dictatorialism is anathema to everything and most Canadians hold dear and I have no intention of being cowed by it. 

It would be nice if a few more letters were submitted by others. I wonder how many others are similarly affected? I wonder how many other people would step up to the place to house a late 70s recluse on their property. Would you, Peter or Sheila or Gisele? I’ll await your phone call. I’m sure it will be coming soon.

I’ll be meeting Kathryn Molloy at PHC to plan further strategy.

Stay tuned,

~ Jason Van Wezel