Letter: Delayed ferry fare rollbacks

Tuesday, October 3 2017

Transportation Minister, Claire Trevena, has delayed the much promised fare rollback for some of the Vancouver Island commuter runs.

Vancouver tolls are much easier to remove, thus the speedier response to election promise. The ferry fare promise involves dealing with BC Ferries and that is a problem. Minister Trevena has said that - the problem with BC Ferries is BC Ferries.

The Minister said that the government will answer questions regarding ferry fare promises when the budget is brought out in the spring. Vancouver Islanders will have to wait a while before this election promise is carried out.

Recently, there have been comments by some that perhaps a return of the ferries to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure should be considered.

A recent survey commissioned by BC Ferries looked into what items should be added for sale in the ferry store onboard the main routes. A significant redesign of the ferry store would be part of the plan. Could BC Ferries be after more of our cash? Ah well, we will have to wait a while for our promised fare reductions.

~ Jeremy Baker