Letter: Drag Racers on Duke Point

Tuesday, May 23 2017

Dear Editor, 

The drag racing at the north end of Jackson Road on Duke Point has become a major late night and early morning disturbance for many Gabriola residents who live in the neighbourhoods close to the Northumberland Channel on the west side of the island. That is a lot of people whose peace, quiet and sleep is being disrupted. 

Imagine living very close to a drag racing strip where the races are held from 10:00 p.m. until the early hours of the morning. These sounds, of course, are greatly amplified as they travel across the Northumberland Channel directly to Gabriola’s west side. 

For years we have been contacting the RCMP but still the noise continues, almost every night come the warm weather. 

If you hear the drag racing start, however late at night it may be, call the RCMP Nanaimo dispatch at 754-2345. They need to be alerted so that they can get a patrol to the location. Also, it is highly recommended that you write a letter or a brief note to the Nanaimo RCMP at Nanaimo_Media@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. With a paper trail, more action will be taken sooner. 

As is the case with any city neighbourhood, we Gabriolans have the right to peace and quiet in our neighbourhoods. This has gone on far too long - we are respectfully requesting the RCMP to deal with this disruptive noise issue now. 


~ Gloria Filax

~ Sheila Haniszewska

~ Duncan MacPhee

~ Richard Ralphs

~ Deb Scott

~ Debra Shogan

~ Deborah Vitek

~ Ruth Wright