Letter: Elder abuse at BC Ferries

Monday, November 25 2013

I filed the following report of elder abuse with the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support.

“I would like to report a serious case of elder (senior) abuse by BC Ferries in its latest cost-saving strategy to abandon reduced sailings to coastal and island communities and to abolish the seniors’ free passenger fares Mondays to Thursdays. Sailings and seniors are a scapegoat for a grossly mismanaged and ineffective and inefficient behemoth corporation whose investor interests and management bonuses are of greater importance than the people they’re supposed to serve.”

 Seniors abuse comes in many forms and BC Ferries’ latest strategy to sustain a losing business venture at the expense of seniors and coastal and island communities is evidence of the corporation’s “bottom-line don’t-care” position, together with a lukewarm government that is afraid to tackle this serious matter in open debate and render this colossal failure obsolete once and for all.

 BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support can be contacted at http://bcceas.ca

I have followed up with the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support.

They highly recommended I mail a copy of the email to Douglas Routley, our local MLA, and to get in touch with the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC (Cosco BC).

I have done both as the groundswell of disapproval of BC Ferries’ unilateral action grows.

I am aiming for an intelligent discourse. I am not a “raging grandpa.”

~ Gerrit Verstraete