Letter: Federal election

Tuesday, April 28 2015

I have great respect for Elizabeth May, a woman of integrity and intelligence, but it seems that the Green Party, for all its rhetoric to the contrary, is still operating within the tired old first past the post mode. Why else would they run a candidate against Sheila Malcolmson, a candidate with a demonstrated commitment to the environment and to social justice? This risks splitting the vote sufficiently for a Tory win.

Not that the NDP, or the Liberals for that matter, are any better in this regard. Millions of ordinary Canadians want Harper and his plutocratic cronies gone. We understand that this requires concerted effort by all opposition parties. This is not a horse race. This is about the preservation of Canadian democracy.

Harper’s contempt for our hard won, albeit imperfect, parliamentary system has been demonstrated time and again. Only the Supreme Court, which several times has ruled his moves unconstitutional, has been able to impose some check upon his relentless attempts to erode what our forebears fought for.

Now is no time for petty political manoeuvring. After the Harperium is gone, then we can carry out the necessary work to establish a proportional voting system of representation. Once we have that, everyone’s vote will count, all governments will necessarily be coalitions, and parliamentarians will have to learn to cooperate across party lines instead of merely boorishly jeering and shouting each other down.

~ David Bouvier, Gabriola Island