Letter: Gabriola “on the map”

Tuesday, October 31 2017


Gabriola Island was “on the map” at Royal Roads University earlier this month. Over the years, there have been many connections between our island and the university. The latest was in the final courses for the MSc and MA programs in Environment and Management, which sit in the School of Environment and Sustainability. Faculty member Alice MacGillivray introduced Gabriola as one of the Gulf Island “incubators,” with ongoing experiments in social and environmental justice. Fay Weller joined the group to share stories from Sustainable Gabriola, and eloquently answered students’ questions about other island initiatives. Fay was one of several guests who joined us via technology from three continents. Guests included Alexander Laszlo, who has island connections and currently directs the Doctoral Program in Leadership & Systemic Innovation at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology. Thanks to Fay and everyone else who helps to make the island deserving of attention.

~ Alice MacGillivray