Letter: Grateful for health care on Gabriola

Tuesday, July 2 2013

We are so grateful for Drs. Bosman, Thorne, Henderson and Secord who currently provide care 24/7 for our family, friends and neighbours on Gabriola. Those nighttime calls that roust you from cozy sleep must surely be challenging. And to Dr. Bosman, especially, we give our heartfelt appreciation for doing the lion’s share of after-hours calls for these many years. To the Gabriola Medical Clinic staff – Janice, Cheryl, Anita and Caroline – bless you for having strength under sometimes adverse conditions. To Lifelabs, how wonderful that you sought space at the new facility! You certainly serve your patients with this decision since the bulk of us are there and the level-entry makes access so much easier. 

Gratitude must also extend to our wonderful paramedics, who can speak firsthand to the trials of interrupted sleep. Lastly, to the many and seemingly tireless volunteers of the Gabriola Health Care Foundation – thank you for your vision, commitment and caring! Gabriolans are so lucky to be so well cared for! Please know the love that surrounds each of you for all that you give. May it help you weather the storms and keep you here enjoying life on our lovely island. 


~ Liz Steele and Terry Rollerson