Letter: Honour the Gabriola OCP

Tuesday, December 23 2014

Minister Stone:

I am a resident of Gabriola. I support Islands Trust Policy Statement 5.3.2, which states “no island in the Trust Area should be connected to Vancouver Island, the mainland or another island by a bridge or tunnel, notwithstanding the existing bridge between North and South Pender Islands.” I also support Land Transportation Policy 7.1.n of Gabriola’s OCP, which states that “[t]he development of a bridge or other form of fixed transportation link of any kind connecting Gabriola to Vancouver Island or any other island or the B.C. Lower Mainland is not supported and is contrary to the provisions of this Plan.” These policies, which emerged from extensive community discourse, are very clear.

These policies are local. They were not imposed on the people of the Islands Trust Area; we were involved in their development. Consequently, I believe you have the responsibility to include our voices when you discuss contravening these policies. I am dismayed that you have chosen to exclude Islands Trust, our local government, from your decision to conduct a bridge feasibility study. This exclusion does nothing to reassure concerned islanders that you will include us in your eventual decision to build or not build bridges to our islands.

I request that you honour and abide by Islands Trust policy and Gabriola’s OCP. 

Thank you for your attention to these concerns.


Leaf Kotasek