Letter: If you Say Yes to the Proposed Bylaws 289 and 290

Tuesday, March 28 2017

The Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29 at the Pheonix Auditorium at 7 p.m.

Proposed Bylaws were available at the Public Information Meeting on March 20.

If you say YES to Proposed Bylaw 289 - you say YES to giving 2 bonus lots to the applicants so that they can realised 7 additional lots.

If you say Yes to Proposed Bylaw 290 without the promised covenant attached to it and forming part of the Bylaw– you say YES to a 25 lot subdivision with no guarantee that the configuration of the lots will be “in substantial compliance with the proposed plan of subdivision” at the time of the Public Hearing, no guarantee that the parkland in the receiver area will be dedicated at the time of the first subdivision, no guarantee about the approximate location of the trails, no guarantee about the 22,000 litres requirement of water catchment, etc..those things are not in the Bylaws.

So we are heading to a Public Hearing without a Covenant and without knowing if the RDN will accept the proposed parkland in the “receiver land area” with the newly released liability of maintaining a 1000 metres of low vegetation swath in the proposed parkland for the clinic helicopter flight path (Transport Canada regulations).

All residents have this one opportunity to let their Trustees know how they feel about Proposed Bylaws 289 and 290. 

I hope that you come in numbers to tell your Trustees to postpone the Public Hearing until the Covenant is completed and “attached to and forming part of “Bylaw 290 and also until we know if the RDN will accept the proposed parkland or not and if not,  who or what the alternatives would be.

If you do not wish to come to any public meetings, you can email your thoughts to your Trustees at GabriolaIslandLocalTrustCommittee@islandstrust.bc.ca or drop them a letter/note before 4 p.m. at the Trust Office on Wednesday March 29.

Thank you,

Jacinthe Eastick