Letter in response to A Different Side of the Covid Argument.

Wednesday, June 30 2021

Response to the letter in your last issue, “A Different Side of the Covid Argument.”

First off, there isn’t a “Covid argument,” just as there is not a “climate change debate,” or a “Moon landing debate;” the notion that any of those things are up for debate is a fiction. 

If you had a friend who needed your blood type for a life saving operation, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to roll up your sleeve to donate. You might even do the same with a kidney. Along the same lines, an important reason to get vaccinated is to protect others who medically, CANNOT get vaccinated; those who don’t have a choice.

The reason we’re in this pandemic can be boiled down to one thing: asymptomatic transmission. Which means that a person who is unvaccinated by choice can potentially infect others who are also unvaccinated, but through no fault of their own. The more of us who are vaccinated, the safer those vulnerable individuals are.

One other point: not smoking or drinking, staying fit and getting enough sleep are all well and good, but don’t mean much in the face of, for example, AIDS, smallpox or polio. Which in terms of potential severity, is the category of diseases the aptly termed “novel” coronavirus falls into, not the flu. A hefty percentage of people who get sick, even if they don’t become long haulers, will nevertheless have deleterious health outcomes down the road as a result of the infection.

So, should a person be “discriminated against” because they’ve chosen to remain unvaccinated? Perhaps, perhaps not, but if they’ve considered the above, they are acting in disregard for the more vulnerable members of their community. “If I catch covid, I’m betting on myself.” True, but it’s also gambling with others’ well being, and possibly, their lives.

~ Corbin Keep