Letter: In response to the Letter: “A Different Side of the Covid Argument,” as published in the June 23 Sounder

Wednesday, June 30 2021

In response to the Letter: “A Different Side of the Covid Argument,” as published in the June 23 Sounder

Dear Glen Murphy,

As parents and grandparents we are grateful for your years of dedication on Gabriola encouraging our young people to get active through your great soccer coaching and camps. Knowing your love of health, and kids it is therefore puzzling why you would choose to “gamble” our children’s health by choosing not to be vaccinated. You are preparing to coach many of our children ages 3+ in soccer this summer through the Gabriola Recreation Society. In your letter to the editor you make a comparison to the annual flu shot. As countless doctors and scientists, experts in their field of virology have stated time and again, this is not the typical seasonal flu. As with any pandemic this is not about just you, it is about those who are most vulnerable, including some of the parents and grandparents of children under your care. This is what herd immunity achieves. As Gabriola looks to have 70-80% of its population fully vaccinated by early July we increase the chances that both Covid and more virulent variants like Delta (which has thus proven to infect children much more easily than the original Covid-19) will not take hold. While we respect your personal choice we ask that you consider the impact of your choice on those who have reduced immune protection and no option to receive vaccinations as of yet, children under 12 and those with medical issues, and those without access. We are here to respectfully “enlighten” you as you requested. It is simple, even if you are fully vaccinated you can still spread the virus or the much more contagious and invasive Delta variant to all those who are most vulnerable, both in your community, and beyond. Let’s consider this when “gambling” with a pandemic. 

Respectfully yours, 

~ Catherine Hallam, Arran Dunn, Chloe Straw, Dwight Ivany, Alex and Maciek Mierzewski, Melanie Mamoser, Heather MacLeod, Sarah Welsby, and Margy Gilmour