Letter: Increase disability assistance to match the increases in cost of living

Tuesday, March 8 2016

The headline, “Disability assistance increasing by $77 a month” in the March 1 Sounder is a little misleading. It is true that Gabriolans on disability who have not been receiving a transportation allowance will get a $77 increase as of Sept. 1. 

However, there are indeed Gabriolans already receiving this allowance - $63 a month in one payment a year. 

For these people the increase is only $14 a month. Either way, this is the first increase for people living on disability in nine years. 

When questioned about this paltry gesture by a CBC interviewer, a Christy Clark representative stated that disabled people should be grateful as “it is more than they were getting yesterday.”


Given the alarmingly rising cost of basic living, rising food prices, rising ferry prices and increases in Hydro expenses, a $14 increase is an insult. 

How about an increase that actually reflects the rising costs of living? 

~ Niko Sparkes