Letter: Kinder Morgan pipeline

Tuesday, February 27 2018

Approving Kinder-Morgan is utter hubris!

Let’s look at some of Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments about the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

“If I thought we were putting at risk the B.C. coast, we wouldn’t have approved this.”

Let’s be real Justin. Oil spills occur a lot!

“The Kinder Morgan pipeline is not a danger to the B.C. coast.”

Kinder Morgan’s tragically inadequate spill response is a matter of record we can look up online in seconds.

Moreover, what is threatened by the pipeline directly are rivers and watersheds across the entire province, not the coast.

“Protection of our oceans is in the (national) interest”

Yes Justin it is.

“Everyone benefits if we reach our climate targets and our Paris targets” 

How does one do that by increasing sales of the world s dirtiest oil?

Climate leaders do not build pipelines.

~ Tsiporah Grignon

Gabriola Island