Letter: Kittens found

Tuesday, October 3 2017

Dear Editor,

Recently, some very young kittens were found by dog walkers in the Elder Cedar Forest - two were dead and one survived. They were all very thin, and the survivor was not afraid of people, so they were likely not feral. These kittens were barely old enough to eat solid food and certainly not able to hunt for themselves. We don’t know where the mother cat was, but her babies were definitely not equipped to survive without her or human help.

For those not familiar with us, CATS ALIVE is a non-profit organization on Gabriola that rescues, rehabilitates and adopts out homeless cats. We don’t see many kittens because we will assist anyone who can’t afford the fee to spay and neuter their cat, in order to keep the cat population down. But if kittens are born, we are happy to take them and find them good homes.

We invite you to contact us for help with spaying and neutering, or to take custody of unwanted cats, kittens and their mother if need be. Please don’t feel you have no option but to abandon any unwanted cat to fend for itself. If necessary, you can leave the cats contained in a safe place and call us anonymously to pick them up.

You can also report your finding or sighting of possible stray cats, kittens, dogs and occasionally other critters to PETFIND, which will attempt to return them to their home, if they have one. Cats that are surrendered by owners or determined to be homeless will be given to CATS ALIVE for adoption. Contact information for both organizations is:

CATS ALIVE: 250-816-2287 and on Facebook.

PETFIND: 250-247-8654 and on Facebook.

~ Annette Lorek, for the Cats Alive Team