Letter: Local government in action – all is well

Tuesday, May 12 2015

Having attended the regular Local Trust Committee meetings since the elections last November, I want to express my appreciation for the workings of our newly-elected Committee and the staff at our Northern Islands Trust office on Gabriola.

The three members of our Local Trust Committee – Laura Busheikin, Melanie Mamoser and Heather Nicholas excel in thoughtful, engaged discussion and consideration of all the issues that come before them, whether they be very local or relating to wider Islands Trust matters. It is obvious that they spend a lot of time reviewing the extensive documentation that accompanies many of the items on their agendas, and it is encouraging to watch them in action – working cooperatively, resourcefully, creatively and with such dignity. 

In this era of citizens feeling disenfranchised at all levels, it is heartening to watch our local government representatives work so diligently to make good decisions on our behalf, with hearts and minds attenuated to the mandate of the Islands Trust.

I pop into the local Islands Trust office regularly – to look for maps, get information on local issues, and find out about meetings, and I can’t think of any government agency that has staff as friendly, knowledgeable and helpful as the one we have right here on Gabriola. I look forward to the next three and a half years of having the best representation at a local government level that any citizen could hope for, and when I hear people complain about arrogant city councils in other jurisdictions, I feel doubly fortunate.

~ Susan Yates