Letter: Make $20 million and start charging for the inland ferries

Monday, November 25 2013

I have been disappointed that none of the media have commented on the free Inland ferry system. 

Coastal ferry system, Inland ferry system, all administered by the Department of Transportation, it’s all the same money. 

If the minister wants to save $20,000,000 just charge fares on the Inland ferry system. 

They claim the Inland ferry system is an extension of the provincial highways system. 

Well Highway One ends in Victoria! 

The Inland ferry routes are convenience routes, there are roads, long way around but at least they can drive from A to B. 

We can’t! 

Some 4 or 5 years ago I took the ferry from Galena Bay to Shelter Bay, I thought it odd when we pulled into the lineup and saw a service truck that said BC Ferries on it, then, shocked when the ferry pulled in and it said BC Ferries on it. 

What is going on? 

I thought these two ferry entities were completely divorced. 

Why are we second class citizens when it comes to ferries. Is it because the inland constituencies are Liberal and most of the coastal NDP? 

The really galling thing is if you look at Kootenay tourism sites they boast about their free ferries. 

Let’s be fair, let’s balance the books, start charging for the Inland ferry routes. 

~ John King