Letter: Make it stop!

Tuesday, January 17 2017

Dear Editor,

How can it even be possible for the Islands Trust to carry out its stated mandate to preserve and protect our beautiful Salish Sea islands when we are being forcefully shown that what little authority it has ends abruptly at the water’s edge? First, we had remote federal bureaucrats blandly informing us that the Gabriola shoreline waters facing the mainland coast are required to anchor gigantic cargo ships full of American coal bound for China. This is coal that US ports have refused to handle and for which, as time goes on, there will be ever-decreasing demand in China. That country’s dependency on coal continues to diminish steadily as it races all-out to build and operate giant clean alternative energy projects.

Now we have the BC provincials asked to approve a new log booming ground in the narrow and much traversed waters between Mudge and Gabriola. That virtually no time at all was given to the public to input their views about this is typical of our arrogant provincial regime and of its business cronies. That the reasoning behind this proposal is an alleged increase in the pace of raw log exports is downright shameful in itself. Raw log exports should have been banned outright decades ago. Those aren’t just logs out there - those are jobs that are being exported. Mudge Islanders, as has been made abundantly clear, will not be merely inconvenienced by any such development, they will be put in serious jeopardy. This narrow waterway has fast tidal currents and dangerous reefs. This proposal is sheer madness. The Liberals need to be sharply reminded that a provincial election is not far away.

~ David Bouvier