Letter: Move salmon farming on land

Tuesday, October 3 2017

Dear Editor, 

I am writing because diseases from salmon farms are threatening BC wild salmon. Our wild salmon are a huge staple to our lifestyle and economy. There is no comparison between the commercial fisheries that employee thousands of workers and the sport fishers who bring millions of tourists and their dollars, and the very few employment opportunities that fish farms offer. We just need to look at the history of fish farms worldwide and what they have done to the local waters and wild fish stocks. Most other countries have shut down fish farms, yet our government is welcoming them with open arms.

We need to pressure the powers that be and let them know that we do not want ocean-based fish farms. If they feel the need for this new food stock, it can be done land-based with a filtration system in line. As we know, the problems with the ocean-based farms are the lice, the escaped salmon and the pollution they cause. It time to make our stand and let the government know it is not the food solution.

Let’s keep our wild BC salmon healthy, they have enough problems already.

~ Regan Lall