Letter: No new pavement for Gabriola

Tuesday, November 8 2016

How many Gabriolians realize that Emcon’s contract with the Ministry only provides for the “maintenance” of our road system as it was at the time of privatization more than three decades ago? In response to my inquiry, I received a letter from the Ministry confirming they have no plans to pave any of Gabriola’s many kilometres of gravel roads or repave (rather than cold patch) our crumbling paved roads. Meanwhile, having just returned from Haida Gwaii (which has a population similar to ours), I found that the main road there has recently been repaved. 

Closer to home, Hornby Island (which is both more remote and less populous than Gabriola) has almost no gravel roads. As the days get shorter and darker it becomes a matter of public safety that the Ministry ensures our road system is safe; meanwhile, even relatively cheap fixes such as repainting the yellow centre lines have been neglected. Perhaps the Ministry thinks we won’t notice a slow transition to a Third World road system? 

~ Esther Newcombe