Letter of support

Tuesday, January 26 2016

Hi Gabriolans. I wanted to officially weigh in my support for GERTIE, as a gulf islander and a tax paying property owner. This island has waited and wanted public transit for the entirety of my 21 years on this fair rock. It is always a thrill to see GERTIE going around the island, and it is obvious to me that anything with this much volunteerism behind it is obviously needed, wanted and will go through! Vote yes for GERTIE, and let’s keep this community-minded initiative going with our own taxes, folks. I am really looking forward to seeing GERTIE grow and with that, paying those drivers at long last. 

Three years is a long pilot project - let’s graduate GERTIE and vote it in.

Yes, yes, yes!

~ Dinah Desrochers

P.S. If I have enough money to afford this tax raise, you most certainly do.