Letter: Okay, so it ain’t over till it’s over

Tuesday, May 16 2017

But in the meantime - barring any more dramatic changes to come via recounts, etc. - it appears that the Greens with three seats currently hold the balance of power. Andrew Weaver now has a historic opportunity to change the political landscape of BC permanently. He must insist that Green support for another party’s platform will be entirely contingent on that party’s active support for, and concrete action on, introducing proportional representation [PR] before the next electoral round confronts us. 

It’s interesting to note that in Weaver’s campaign he placed PR front and centre before several clearly urgent environmental issues. I believe he was strategically quite right to do so. Based on the popular vote, under PR the Greens would now have ten or twelve seats, not three.

With that many seats under PR, the Greens would in subsequent elections attract yet more voters who had formerly been reluctant to do anything at all (under our antiquated horse race system), that might give The Plastic Smile another majority term with which to aid her predatory capitalist financiers in their frantic scramble to extract the last of our provincial resources and transmute them into private profit, before the political tide inexorably turns against them, as it will,

 Under PR, the Greens could play a significant role in moving us away from further environmental degradation and destruction.

Bring it on.

~ David Bouvier