Letter: On the mend

Tuesday, May 21 2013

As the occupant of the middle car in the three-car pileup on South Road on April 16, I want to show my appreciation to all the people who helped me. 

These include the woman who asked me my name and called Bob, the first responders who draped me in that big orange tarp so they could smash the windows of the car to get the door off, and the ambulance attendants and Dr. Bosman who attended to me at the scene. 

I was happy to receive notes from the woman who had been trying to get the sheep off the road, and from a relative of the people in the first car. 

My poor little car looked like an accordion, but Constable Trevor MacKay told me that it had crumpled in exactly the right places to protect me.

Thank you little Honda, now gone to the crusher, rest in peace. As someone remarked, it seems particularly Gabriolan to have a motor vehicle accident caused by a sheep.

On another Gabriola note, I had in the car a Gwen’s raspberry rhubarb pie for a little celebration we had been planning for that night. When Bob rescued my purse on our way to the hospital, he also grabbed the pie. I wasn’t eating the day of the accident, but knowing hospital breakfasts, looked forward to having some in the morning. The nurses showed him the fridge so he could store it for the night. But the next morning it was gone. Someone had stolen our Gwen’s pie! I figure this is the classic adding of insult to injury.

Thanks also to Adrianne Marskelle, Bonnie Eaton and Amy Block who brought us food and to the many of you who sent flowers and good wishes. Thank you to Dr. Thorne for her relaxed reassurance that I’m healing as I should, and to the other medical practitioners we’ve been in touch with. And thank you to Tracey Dorman, who has been helping in the house and tending to me on a daily basis. I’m slowly and gently recovering, and it’s good to live on Gabriola. 

~ Elizabeth Shefrin