Letter: Open letter to Gabriola Health Care Foundation Board

Monday, July 8 2013

As supporters of the Gabriola Health Care Foundation and its vision for health care on Gabriola, we would like to thank you and your fellow board members for the July 1 update.  It demonstrates the accomplishments of the foundation and sets out priorities that we believe residents of Gabriola support. It also reiterates the foundation’s support and appreciation for all the physicians providing health care on Gabriola. Finally, we support the reminder that, while the board is open to input from the public, it must be in an organized and mutually respectful manner.

Many of us have been volunteers for Gabriola community organizations or have served on their boards. We recognize the commitment of time and energy that serving on a board demands. You are doing a great job on behalf of Gabriola; please continue the good work.

With thanks,

Erik and Catherine Andersen

Eric and Sue Boulton

John and Mary Lou Campbell

John and Pam Gambrill

Rob Hill and Pat Bishop-Hill

Linda Harrison

Graham MacDonald

Konrad Mauch

Rob Maynard

Terry Rollerson

Gerry and Grace Sayers

Liz Steele

Mike and Verna Woloshen

Randy and Lynne Young