Letter: Open Letter to the LTC

Tuesday, February 27 2018

If the intention of the LTC in allowing bathrooms and kitchens in one accessory building per lot really is to facilitate home occupations (and not just to make it easier to build illegal dwellings) then why not say so in the bylaw? I am respectfully requesting that the LTC amend proposed Bylaw 293 by adding the words “related to a home occupation” so that it reads: “Only one building accessory to a dwelling unit on a lot is permitted to contain a toilet, bathroom, or areas, equipment or infrastructure designed, used or intended to be used for the preparation and cooking of food related to a home occupation”. In this way a toilet or bathroom would be allowed in a workshop or studio but a kitchen would only be allowed if it was required for a home occupation. It will be interesting to see what the real intent is.

~ Gisele Rudischer, Gabriola Island