Letter: Our Roads Are Damaging Your Vehicle

Tuesday, August 28 2018

I am an auto mechanic and I work at Gabriola Automotive. 

I am writing this because the condition of our roads on Gabriola are causing premature damage to the suspension and steering components of our vehicles. Driving over the potholes and broken pavement as well as the washboard on the gravel roads is causing premature wear to ball joints, tie rod ends, shock absorbers, struts and many other components. Hitting potholes can affect your wheel alignment and cause a lot of damage to tires. The buildup of dust and mud from the gravel roads builds up on the undercarriage which then retains moisture causing damage to the brake lines and body components. I have lived here for five years and the roads have been getting worse every year. The roads are not being adequately repaired or maintained. This needs to change or our vehicles will continue to suffer costly premature wear and damage. 

I have worked on a lot of vehicles here that have needed repairs that are a result of the condition of our roads. I also have heard from people with cars with less than 30,000 kms that are now starting to rattle on the rough roads. This will not change unless we make it known that we are not happy with our roads. Call or write to the Highway’s Ministry.

~ Shawn Eliuk