Letter: Overpopulation of deer

Tuesday, August 1 2017

Will a deer cull or population control ever be something that can be rationally discussed on Gabriola, without the emotional backlash or fear of association to an unpopular topic?

Who would facilitate this discussion? 

Islands Trust? 

Regional District of Nanaimo?

Provincial government?

Federal Gov?

Transportation Ministry?

Our current situation really is unnatural and I would go so far as to say out of control. 

Just in the last 24hrs I have had 2 separate incidents of deer hitting and damaging my car... and yes I am aware that I am stating that the deer hit me. 

Both accidents involved no speed or reckless driving (I am a very defensive and aware driver). 

The second hit involved a deer charging into the back end of my vehicle, for no reason, as I followed behind a long train of slow drivers through the North Rd “Tree Tunnel”. 

Totally unpredictable and unavoidable. If this was human behavior we would call into question whether the deer was being reckless, or simply gone mad.

I enjoy seeing a faun in my yard just as much as everyone else, but let’s be real: there are too many deer on this island, without predators, for their own good. 

In addition to the dangerous human interactions, they are putting our plant life and fragile gulf island habitat out of balance. Something needs to be done, or at least publicly discussed, sooner than later, in my opinion.

There I said it.

~ Tim Gambrill