Letter: Park use

Tuesday, November 1 2016

There have been opinions expressed in the Sounder regarding the proposed land use of property belonging to Potlatch Enterprises that involve the donation of more land for park use.

Suggestions have been made by opposing views that more parklands are unnecessary because we already have enough. Evidence provided by the opposition against more parklands is that few humans use the existing parklands. This evidence is put forward by individuals who, when they go for a walk, don’t see anyone else!

The difficulty with this viewpoint is that the purpose of wild parkland is not only the use by humans but also for the remaining integrity of the ecosystem: plants and animal life. In a real sense, wild parkland is not only for humans.

Should the land use proposed by Potlatch go ahead, the parkland ecosystem will maintain some of the habitat value of the corridor from Daniel Way to Descanso Bay Park. This proposal is not just for human beings.

~ Jeremy Baker