Letter: Please keep dogs under control

Tuesday, January 23 2018

Dear Editor,

I’d just like to remind people to keep their dogs under control at all times. On Monday, Jan. 15, my wife and I were walking our dog and horse through a trail near our house when a limping deer popped out of the bush in front of us. A Husky type dog was in hot pursuit, and caught it in front of us and started to rip out its throat. It was quite disturbing and very upsetting. I jumped into the fray and managed to scare the dog away after a couple of minutes, while listening to the deer emit a high pitched scream from the bush. I couldn’t get hold of the dog and it ran off. The deer, torn and limping, escaped, likely to have a long and painful death.

It is unacceptable to own a dog and let it get out of control like this. Aside from killing deer, we were a short walk from several farms in the south end with livestock. A dog (especially this one) will just as easily kill sheep and lambs, or run horses, etc.  

I phoned the conservation office and they are very interested to follow up on this. Here is a description of the dog: mid-to-large Husky type dog (curved tail), about 50 - 70 pounds, dark grey, almost black, with a couple of small white spots on it. Longish hair. If you know of this dog you can phone the CO at this number: 1-877-952-7277.  

~ Sal Dominelli