Letter: Please slow down

Monday, April 29 2013

In response to statements made by Cpl. Trevor MacKay in the April 22 Sounder.

I agree with Corporal MacKay that drivers should refrain from stopping in the middle of the road. 

But if the third car in the accident involving the sheep on the road had been going slower and paying attention I am sure the incident could have been avoided.

Speeding is common on Gabriola.

I think if a survey was done it would conclude that most vehicle accidents on this island are caused by speeding or alcohol or both. 

Last week I was driving on Easthom Road when I saw a young boy on a bike headed right at my vehicle with his head down. 

I came to a full stop and honked but he still rode his bike into the front of my truck. He had no idea I was there until he hit me. No injuries this time, but if I had been speeding it could have been a terrible outcome.

Please slow down, we live on a small island and nothing is so far away we have to speed to get there. You never know what is around the next corner or over the next hill. 

~ John Reid