Letter: Please stop the drag racing on Duke Point

Tuesday, October 25 2016

There is a serious problem that is getting worse for the residents of the Pat Burns, Harrison, and Canso areas.

This problem is the ongoing and increasing sounds of drag racing coming from  possibly Cedar or Duke Point. 

The drag racing happens only at night, often starting at 9:30pm and can go on for hours. 

So much for peaceful evenings and a good nights sleep. 

This is  not something I would wish on anyone or make light of, saying “kids will be kids.” This needs to be dealt with maturely and with understanding. 

This drag racing is not new but is almost constant now. Why are we tolerating this? Why aren’t the RCMP , especially the Nanaimo RCMP, doing something about this and stopping it?

People have phoned the Nanaimo RCMP number [250-754-2345] when they hear the sounds, but so far nothing has changed. We have been advised to make sure we phone all the time, whenever we hear these sounds. Only when lots of us do this, consistently, will the RCMP see it as a priority and drive out to the suspected areas. 

I think this is a bit unfair,, and unrealistic,  as we have been doing this on and off for months now and we get tired of trying and trying with no results.  How many calls do the RCMP need? 

Apparently Cedar residents are calling the RCMP so, if that is the case, why do they need our calls? Why can’t this be stopped with a drive out to the Cedar area and tracking down the sound.

It seems this increase in noise denotes more and more people participating in the drag racing. If that is the case, surely they can be found and stopped. And it could be a matter of time before someone is killed. Drag racing is illegal after all. 

Sound carries amazingly well over water and these sounds of screeching tires, revving engines are far , far worse, believe me, than the industrial sounds from the mill and the industry at Duke Point. 

We knew to expect these  industrial sounds when we  bought our homes. We did not expect to be next to a drag racing track. 

Whenever there has  been a complaint about drag racing in the past, in other jurisdictions, where the peace and quiet of people has been affected, the racing is stopped. End of story. 

So, why not here? Does the fact the Northumberland channel separates us  make it any less important? Please, Gabriola and Nanaimo RCMP, shut down this drag racing.


~ Sheila Haniszewska