Letter: Please support Katie McNiven Gladman

Monday, May 27 2013

As a mother who had a safe and empowering home birth, attended by a local registered midwife, I am incredibly disappointed to hear of the plight of Katie McNiven Gladman, RM, of Plum Midwifery in the Comox Valley. Katie is highly revered in her local birthing community and beyond, but has been denied privileges to attend births at St. Joseph’s General Hospital due to a “lack of collegiality.” In an effort to have her privileges reinstated, she must make an appeal through the Hospital Appeal Board of BC. The midwifery model of care is extremely important in that it allows women the right to choose safe, responsible care both during and after pregnancy and birth. Midwives are in high demand, and any community that is fortunate enough to have access to the services of a midwife should be nurturing that relationship, including at the bureaucratic level.

To learn more about Katie and this very important matter visit www.katiethemidwife.com.    

~ Geri Elliott