Letter: Put me down for $39K for the Hope Centre

Monday, December 10 2012

Not quite sure how the railway will make it across to Gabriola, unless you know something about a bridge. But, Gabriolans must remember they gave up their right to self-determination by voting against becoming a municipality and instead preferred to turn back the clock to the manual rural age.
So, we take whatever the RDN throws at us.
Dinging Gabriolans for whatever the RDN assumes to be our tax share must be quite the sport at head office, considering the island has no bus service, not even a trolley up the steep hill from the ferry, no sidewalks for children who walk back and forth to school, and no stop signs or stop light at “killer corner” by the Co-op. It’s only a matter of time before white crosses will appear at that intersection.
~ Gerrit Verstraete


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