Letter: RAR will put us at risk

Tuesday, September 3 2013

Dear Editor, The Riparian Area Regulation (RAR), if implemented, will put my family, my home, and yours at risk. If we are to follow RAR regulations, we cannot prudently control vegetation that may be growing near our homes to protect ourselves against risk of wildfire. The FireSmart manual that was supported and sponsored by the Province of BC, the Forest Service of BC and the Office of the Fire Commissioner of BC, states recommended pruning and vegetation removal guidelines. How can our elected representatives support bylaws that put people and property at risk? Furthermore, the RAR would prohibit individual landowners from taking necessary steps to protect themselves against fire and flood, while allowing public bodies free reign to alter the environment. These proposed regulations are unfair, unsupportable and dangerous. Be wary, fellow Gabriolans, RAR may soon be coming to your backyard. Let’s stop this on September 4th

~ Guy Mireau