Letter re: “Emcon seeking rezoning as way to sell off unwanted properties on Paisley Place” in Nov. 24 Sounder

Tuesday, December 9 2014

Dear Editor,

Some important input was missing from your reporting of the Emcon public meeting.

“Based on the 2011 records of the B.C. Assessment Authority there were a total of 3280 parcels on Gabriola of which 20% (or 668 parcels) were undeveloped. Of these undeveloped parcels, the majority are in the residential land use designations of this Plan. In other words, not counting new lots from potentially subdividable residentially zoned land, there are in excess of 566 existing parcels available for residential purposes on Gabriola.” This statement of fact is taken verbatim from the Gabriola Island Official Community Plan.

I told the president of Emcon that I did not believe that there would be an appetite in the community to rezone his Institutional lands to Residential on account of those 566 residences yet to be built and of their unknown impact. The other argument against Emcon’s proposal was emphasized by Susan Yates who said that Emcon bought a lot zoned Institutional, that the subdivision of that lot did not change the zoning and that the community will need those Institutional zoned lots in the future.

Gabriolan Jim Ramsey invited the Emcon’s representatives to participate in the Sustainable Gabriola-Village Core visioning.

Yours truly,

Jacinthe Eastick