Letter re: “Gabriola parks properties being rezoned to reflect current usages,” in Dec. 3 Sounder

Monday, December 17 2012

I noticed Trustee Gisele Rudischer’s comment that “community gardens fall within food security so we might want to look at community gardens in parks.”
Not mentioned were any specifics of who would pay for this, what problems would be caused or that food grown and sold from community gardens in parks would be subsidized by the taxpayers and undercut the price of produce grown by local farmers.
The members of the Agricultural Advisory Committee (which advises the Local Trust Committee on issues pertaining to land-use planning for agriculture) have (all five of them) stated they are gardeners or farmers (or were once upon a time) and were interested in food security and using Gabriola parks for community gardens.
Using food security as a trojan horse, the AAC recommends the LTC change the zoning to allow community gardens in our local parks.
If the AAC wishes to have community gardens they should look at the community garden at the intersection of Turner Road and Island Highway in Nanaimo which is on industrial land with safe access, parking, fences, toilet facilities, water and does not impinge on the rights of property owners to enjoy the privacy and quiet of their homes.
On Gabriola there is much land in the Agricultural Land Reserve where a community garden could be placed.
The Commons on North Road is also available for gardens.
Perhaps one of the AAC members would have space to accommodate a community garden?
Other possibilities for gardening and food production might be what I and others have done, which is stay home, don’t drive your vehicle, install deer fencing, purchase and install a cistern to collect roof rainwater and garden and grow food.
There is no need for the zoning of our parks to be changed to allow community gardens.
“No” to community gardens in our Gabriola parks.
~ John Carter


Gabriola parks properties being rezoned to reflect current usages