Letter RE: “Residents told option is to pay more to have non-wireless Hydro meters” in July 22 Sounder

Monday, July 29 2013

Dear Editor,

Further to your coverage last week about the non-wireless “smart” meters, I wanted to encourage folks to stay involved until the issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

In one of the recent daily updates from the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, Sharon Noble commented on the recent announcement you referred to from Bill Bennett by saying that “no policy has been established” and that neither “Hydro nor the government has the right to charge us for opting out and will not until/unless the [BC Utilities Commission] approves it. Hydro and the government are trying to divide us and weaken resistance, when really this heavy-handed deceptive approach should strengthen us.”

The Coalition continues to be the most accurate and up to date source of information regarding “smart” meters in B.C. Their website, www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca/html/, has all sorts of information. You can receive updates from them if you choose, and you can find information to take action on a number of levels. One of the current actions you can take is to write to the BC Utilities Commission with your concerns about having to pay to keep your homes and families safe from the myriad of problems associated with “smart” meters and the associated meshed grid network. 

I believe it’s worth continuing to advocate for our health, safety and privacy. We should expect that BC Hydro provide no-cost wireless-free opt-outs for everyone who is interested. By making our voices heard the past couple of years, we have effected change. Let’s continue to be part of the process! 

~ Teresa Beers

Original story: Residents told option is to pay more to have non-wireless Hydro meters