Letter RE: Scooter snarl in July 29 Sounder

Tuesday, August 6 2013

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the Snarl in last week’s paper. The Snarl I am referring to is the one about the young lady riding a scooter with her child on the back. I think this comment may have been directed at me. 

You see, I was travelling with my child behind me on my electric bicycle, which may look like a scooter, but is in fact in the same classification as a regular pedal bike. As opposed to a scooter, it requires no insurance to run it, has pedals and really doesn’t go very fast. 

There is no law in B.C. against taking a child as a passenger on a bicycle, as long as there is a seat for them to sit on and we are all wearing helmets. I think that electric bicycle technology will keep advancing and soon you will see many more sharing our roads. Perhaps the person who wrote the Snarl would like to submit a Smile instead. Especially as by riding an electric bike I’m driving less, which is good for everybody!


~ Nadine Mourao