Letter: Re: Trust Anti-Bridge Policy letter in August 11 Sounder

Tuesday, August 18 2015

It may be news to Mr. Baker, but the two Islands Trust Candidates, and the newly-chosen NDP candidate all campaigned on a very transparent no-bridge platform. 

They won handily. Does that tell you anything, sir? Regarding this ludicrous feasibility study - I wonder why MOTI-man, Todd Stone, okayed an expenditure of $200,000 on the strength of 609 signatures? I also wonder why the results have not been published - perhaps they are not quite what he wanted to see? While you are figuring costs, please keep in mind that we would most likely have two bridges - one to Mudge Island, and the second one from Mudge to Brickyard Beach. And where did your figures come from anyway? And while you are gathering your sources, please note that real estate is doing quite well, we have a new mall with half a dozen new businesses, several thriving annual cultural events AND a delightful island ambience. I suggest you go for public office yourself, campaign on a pro-bridge platform and see how well you do. 

~ Penny Sidor