Letter re: “Vessel Kaymac abandoned on Silva Bay docks,” in June 30 Sounder

Monday, July 14 2014

I read the Gabriola Sounder online occasionally as my family and I hope to move to Gabriola sometime in the not too distant future. 

I was intrigued by the story of the abandoned ship, the Kaymac, mostly because my husband and I would love to own a 40-foot ship. And someone just walked away from one? Curious indeed. 

As an archivist I did a little snooping, just online, and found an image from the UBC Rare Book and Special Collections holdings. 

This was from the Fisherman Publishing Society Collection; the Kaymac is in the background of the photo. The website doesn’t have a date for the photo but I would guess early 1960s. (Photo published in the Sounder with permission from the Fisherman Publishing Society)

I enjoy your paper!

Thanks very much.

~ Vanessa Thorson

Whitehorse Yukon