Letter: RE: “What is the Salish Sea?” letter in July 28 Sounder

Tuesday, August 11 2015

Jeff Bird’s dig at Bridge Free Salish Sea (BFSS) at the end of what I found to be an otherwise enjoyable letter was at least half right.

I can speak for the motivations of all the rest of the committee even less than can Bird – who wasn’t actually at the meeting at which we decided on the name – but I, personally, loved the name when it was proposed because of its poetry, along with the fact that all the Trust islands are in the Salish Sea. 

Those of us who believe that real islands are reached by boat would likely have no problem with being called isolationists. In fact that is kind of the point – or at least one of them. 

Leaving one to wonder what Bird’s might be. 

For a bridge-free Salish Sea,

~ Chris Bowers